Clergy must no longer be silent: Trump is evil and must go


Rabbi Ben Kamin, Founder & Director

The president’s contradictory and vile statements, granting moral equivalency between white supremacist/Nazis and anyone else have now betrayed the very foundation of the presidency itself.  They amount to an unfiltered, ominously threatening pile of ignorance, lack of historical literacy, pugnacious defiance of decency, and a cosmic trivialization of the four hundred years of American slavery and hyper-racism, the Nazi Holocaust of twelve million innocent people, including six million Jews, and the ultimate sacrifice of some 350,000 American military and Navy service people who died fighting the fascists in World War II.

The malignant violence attendant to the appearance of the Nazi swastika and the Confederate Stars and Bars in a 21st century American city is a chilling reenactment of exactly what happened in Berlin, Vienna, Warsaw, and so many other European communities starting in 1933.  The War that ensued took the lives of 59 million human beings.  Trump has enabled—actually encouraged–the arithmetic of horror to skew the core value system of this Republic.

Just as many Catholic priests risked—and lost—their lives decrying Nazism from their pulpits in Germany, we clergy in America must now speak out against this defilement of biblical ethics.  This is no longer about politics; this is about morality.

President Trump must be peacefully removed from office.  Anyone who preaches and teaches about the children of God must NOW stand up and be heard.  Civility, fairness, nonviolence, and social justice must be restored to this troubled and divided nation.  We are not “strangers in Egypt;” we are the citizens of the greatest experiment in democracy ever seen on this earth.

We clergy must not be silent.  We must burst out with our moral outrage. “Let justice well up like water, and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

Author: Ben Kamin

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