No more of this assault on immigrants!

I will no longer tolerate this ugly national mood–especially the brazen, indulgent persecution of immigrants and so-called “foreigners.”  It hurts the heart and it’s wrong.

It is heinous to single out American Muslims for such biased and pejorative treatment.

I am an immigrant to this country, arriving at the age of nine.  My parents chose the United States for its vast professional and economic opportunities.   I felt safe and secure while growing up in the Midwest and came to participate in the social dialogues that pervaded—from civil rights to racial relations to the environment and, more recently, the bondage of women in pretty much every modality of their personal and workplace environments.

I was a child of the original Mercury astronauts and on the cusp of college when, in 1969, we citizens experienced the first moon walk as well as a milestone concert at Woodstock, NY.    My parents’ generation defeated the Nazis and now gloomily reflects upon that noble era of indelible patriotism and sacrifice.

Like everyone else in my group, we have devolved from knowing what America is to not knowing what America even is anymore.   For an immigrant whose blood is soaked in American history and values, this era is painfully tantamount to the national bleeding of our core principles that were published in 1776 and that has now been spilt on the streets of so many Charlottesvilles.

It’s distressing to live now in such a time, when we are given license to release our lowliest of thoughts—and are prodded to do so by the divisive culture of Washington.  As stated in the Book of Judges, “It was a time when no one led and people judged for themselves.”  Well, I am prepared to make a judgment.

It is heinous to single out American Muslims for such biased and pejorative treatment.  Not just by the president but by all who have been darkly inspired by him.  Not a single one should applaud this and the president stands already morally impeached by historical American codes.   These are, for the most part, US citizens and their children deserve the milk of kindness.  To lump these hard-working and dignified people on the back of terrorism is as callow as deriding the stripes on a zebra.

Mexicans are not generally rapists—they are a people of glistening history, deep family traditions, and are in no need of our disapproval.   The United States has always been a land that offers blessing; let us no longer be a sociological curse.  And for God’s sake, what further evisceration of African Americans can we possibly tolerate?  Black folks are America’s Hebrews and their redemptive narrative remains the transcript of our morbid indulgences.

My father stood up in a Cincinnati a county courthouse, raised his right hand, recited the Bill of Rights and took an oath.  He spoke not for me but for all of us immigrants—we founded this nation that must be found again.

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Author: Ben Kamin

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