A new and spiritual guide to the complexity of relocation

Kiran Prasad, an emerging philosopher and writer based in San Diego, has written an intuitive, informative volume aptly titled: A Mindful Move: Feel At Home Again.  Here is a consoling, insightful, pastoral narrative of an oft-repeated ritual in modern life: relocation.  Even as Prasad describes the gritty details and pressures of changing a house, she effectively declares that one’s inner life is affected and fraught. So she is ultimately mitigating the house within one’s soul.

Prasad teaches from hard and bittersweet experience: she has relocated 29 times and is no stranger to the canvas of these complex journeys.  Not all of her moves have been happy seasons. She has struggled in the categories of reorganization, being accepted, and finding some kind of social balance.  It would seem all of these things have made her stronger, wiser, and confident in her ability to inform and heal those weathering a move, or yet another one.

Fortunately for us, Prasad lives by a credo (well-realized within the book) that it is very possible to turn adversity in favor of wisdom and peace.

The author covers a wide range of specific and detailed aspects of a move and its aftermath, including:

  • Thoughtful and patient integration into a new landscape.
  • Applied positivity and hope.
  • Gratitude for the transformation.
  • And a “hierarchy” of needs, including physiological management, safety concerns, reaching out to others as a hedge against loneliness, self-esteem, and even pet needs and emotions.

Moving is a tapestry of displacements, fear, astonishments, grief—and surprises.  Prasad understands all this and transmits her kind yet pragmatic ideas as an effective wordsmith and instinctive healer.  Basically, she’s declaring that wherever you go, bring yourself.

The book is available on Amazon.com and is an important read for those on the move:




Author: Ben Kamin

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